Re: Single vs Multi Coder (was REVISION OF MESSAGE)

From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, The Fractal Dimension Administration wrote:
> You should see some of _my_ bugs and incompatibilities.  I despair of
> adding in godset.stk since I just added aedit.  I'm looking at OLC+
> 2.0 with green green envy.... although those bug messages ... heh heh.

Hehehehe, I offered to make a patch for MUDs with AEDIT when I first made
godset, but it's not really all that hard of a change.  I had to go
through the whole command table when I did OLC+ anyway, due to the little
"cpp_extern" thing (caused that whole hunk to .rej -- *sigh*).

BTW, I think I left an instance or two of "do_action" in interpreter.c --
the "wave" command for example.  Not sure.

> >         I totally agree with this. I am the only one who codes on my MUD,
> > and although maybe things go a little slower with adding new features then
> > if we had multi coders, I think overall one coder MUDs are better designed
> > then Multi-Coder MUDs. Now, this is not true 100%, but in my experience,
> > it is enough for me not to get another coder.
> Exactly.  One coder should be enough anyway and you don't want the
> others to be constantly writing backdoors and whatnot.

I personally would have to trust somebody beyond where I'd worry about
them writing backdoors.  I code my MUD mostly by myself, but I let a
trusted friend try to code out his ideas...  which of course I go over
immediately afterwards.  :P


The only advantage to multiple coders is that they can have alternating
vacations, I suppose.  :P

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