[IDEA] rambling about limited AFF flags

From: Phooey On You (Phooey182@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

Since AFF flags are limited to 32 (or 128 if you use the 128-bitvecotr patch),
has anyone considered a new way of implemeting these AFF flags??

I think bitvectors was a good choice at first, but as people's muds grew, 32
just wasn't enough.  Then people came up with the AFF2 flag or bitfields, but
it still seems limited.

So, I thought of using a binary search tree.  You could basically fill it with
your affection flags and it could go up to MAX_INT.  I think it would be
(much) slower to search for a particular flag than the current system, but it
would allow for the addition of new AFF flags without having to worry about
how many bits your system could hold.  This whole idea works better in C++.



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