Re: [NEWBIE] Stuck in the MUD

From: The Fractal Dimension Administration (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

> Problem is, I added a custom zone and changed the /wld and /zon indexes
> to accomodate, except I had a formatting error and it turned out like:
> 0.wld
> 5.wld12.wld30.wld$

Curiosity: How?

> could fix the problem easily if I could kill the script long enough to
> fix the indexes.  I tried plopping .killscript into the /circle30bpl13a
> directory and even tried putting pause in there too, but neither works.
> I tried uploading new indexes with correct formatting, but it erases any
> file named 'index' or even '' i upload into the questionable
> directories.  Any help appreciated.

try to "kill" the process
type "man kill" for help
and next time, when you add or remove zones or something of that big
of a deal, shutdown die

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