Number of Coders for a MUD

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 08/28/98

We all have our own views on the amount of coders a MUD should have.
As we are all giving personal versions, I'll give mine.

I am the main coder.  I am also the owner of the mud.  This figures.

I have another good coder, and a few people who want to learn how to
code.  My solution is very straightforward.

The core code is being written by me.  Mainly because its boring,
tedious, and very central to the MUDs working.

The other good coder is given projects to do that are large and
fairly stand-alone.  When he has finished the code, he mails me all
the changes that need to be patched in, and I hand patch them in.

Some of you might recoil from this idea, but my typing speed and
accuracy is good enough for this task, and besides, I get to read and
follow through the code that is written.  This means that I learn
what has been done, and can also spot potential bugs.

As to the people that want to learn how to code, they pick up small
tasks, like spec_procs, or very small code changes, and try to do
them.  They come to me when they are stuck, and I help them out.
This means that I get some nice cosmetic changes to the MUD done, and
they slowly gain confidence in coding.

This system may not work for many, but it works very nicely for me.
Oh, and I am the only one with base access.  The others just get
copies of the code if they need it


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