Re: More on mental endurance stat

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 08/28/98

> I envisioned it to be a stat similar to hitpoints/mana/movement points.
> Basically, it would represent the mental fortitude of the player, or
> morale or self-confidence and security, whatever you want to call it.

In this case, setting it up is easy.  Find all the code that refers
to the other stats and mimic it.  Some places are;

structs.h : to put the stat in the character structure.  You should
find it in a structure called points, or something like that (sorry,
but it's early)

act.informative.c : to display the stat in score

act.wizard.c : to display the stat in do_stat

somewhere_that_escapes_me_at_the_moment.c : the stat gain over time,
the prompt display, the toggle for the prompt.

> I was thinking of having it be affected by perhaps constitution and wisdom
> for generation.  Other ideas surrounding it would be:

In that case, you would want a base value by race if you have them,
class if you have them, and then modify it in game when the player
first enters the game (based on con and wis), and then check for wis
and con changes when affects are added and removed.

> 1.  A fear or intimidation spell that would decrease the ME points and
> possibly cause all sorts of nasty effects like fleeing blindly or dropping
> weapon or surrendering.  (thought:  modify drain energy?)

You just need a new affect.  Find the affection flags for the other
stats, and bung a new one in.  Then look at the spells and find
strength or another stat affecting one, then copy and modify to
achieve the same effect but with the new stat.

> 2.  Spec procs or a zone characteristic that drains the characters ME
> points as they enter a room -- i.e. nasty rooms like 'the first day of
> school' or 'the ninth layer of hell' or 'meeting your in-laws'.

That's easy enough, just stick a room flag for ME drain, and in
perform_move in act.movement.c place a check for the room flag.  If
it exists, decrease the ME value as well as the movement value.

> 3.  Using ME for bargining .. browbeating a shopkeeper or being browbeaten
> and giving better/worse prices for items as a result.

So, depending upon how good your ME is compared to the shopkeeper,
the price is modified, to a limit. No more than x% higher or lower
than the starting price.

That would just need a quick check of the shopkeepers ME versus the
players ME.  Look at the difference, divide it by a value to give a
decent looking percentage (this value will depend upon what scale you
use for ME), and then cap the percentage if neccessary and then apply
it to the cost.

> 4.  ME points as rewards for doing amazingly ridiculous things and getting
> away with it...stealing the magic item out from under the nose of the
> dragon, finishing an absolutely horrid quest, getting a good deal on an
> item, etc.  Could be skill related?  *shrug*

You could grant a bonus point/s of ME when someone lucks out and gets
a natural 1 on a skill check.  This would be rare, but a nice reward.

> Both this idea and the banality idea (upon which you were on the right
> track) are pretty rough, and i just need an idea of where to look in the
> code to get a start on it.

That's okay, theories always start kinda vague, and then come
together in a lovely way, hopefully before coding starts ;o)


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