More on mental endurance stat

From: Bob P. Dobbs (slack@ACCESSCOM.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

I envisioned it to be a stat similar to hitpoints/mana/movement points.
Basically, it would represent the mental fortitude of the player, or
morale or self-confidence and security, whatever you want to call it.

I was thinking of having it be affected by perhaps constitution and wisdom
for generation.  Other ideas surrounding it would be:

1.  A fear or intimidation spell that would decrease the ME points and
possibly cause all sorts of nasty effects like fleeing blindly or dropping
weapon or surrendering.  (thought:  modify drain energy?)

2.  Spec procs or a zone characteristic that drains the characters ME
points as they enter a room -- i.e. nasty rooms like 'the first day of
school' or 'the ninth layer of hell' or 'meeting your in-laws'.

3.  Using ME for bargining .. browbeating a shopkeeper or being browbeaten
and giving better/worse prices for items as a result.

4.  ME points as rewards for doing amazingly ridiculous things and getting
away with it...stealing the magic item out from under the nose of the
dragon, finishing an absolutely horrid quest, getting a good deal on an
item, etc.  Could be skill related?  *shrug*

Both this idea and the banality idea (upon which you were on the right
track) are pretty rough, and i just need an idea of where to look in the
code to get a start on it.


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