[CODE] unusual fread_string error

From: Sexy Coder (sexycoder@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/28/98

I've just recently added 128-bit flags by hand (from ftp site)  and
began converting areas (128conv2.txt).  Things seemed to be going okay
even though there were a couple errors in some world files that i needed
to fix (just little things like doubling up a description or a a
direction line was messed up or the end of the file was cut off).  But
when the mud tried to boot zone 105 i got this error:

Fri Aug 28 02:14:10 :: Opening mother connection.

Fri Aug 28 02:14:10 :: Boot db -- BEGIN.

Fri Aug 28 02:14:10 :: Resetting the game time:

Fri Aug 28 02:14:10 ::    Current Gametime: 7H 32D 1M 237Y.

Fri Aug 28 02:14:10 :: Reading news, credits, help, bground, info &

Fri Aug 28 02:14:10 :: Loading zone table.

Fri Aug 28 02:14:11 :: Loading triggers and generating index.

Fri Aug 28 02:14:11 :: Loading rooms.

SYSERR: fread_string: format error at or near room #10541

Now, at first, I thought this error was going to be like the others, but
i looked at the file and it seemed perfectly fine.  I tried different
things like deleting that room and the rooms around it, but still got
the same error (with different time, of course).   Even when i didn't
include 105.zon, 105.wld, etc. in the specific index, same error.

I would appreciate any insight about this error.  Thank you. (in other
words: "HELP ME!")

-Sexy Coder

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