Re: Who in interpreter.c

From: James Thomas (rasdan@TELEPORT.COM)
Date: 08/28/98

> I know not why the command "whine" (being not in interpreter.c directly
> executes before "who" in bpl14 or higher. I normally do the command "wh"
> for a who. I don't know how many others type wh instead of who, but I
> moved the who in interpreter.c just after the directions and wh now
> shows who instead of whine.

It all depends on the order in which you place your commands and socials
in the list, if you put "whine" before "who", it will be processed first.
The lists don't have to be in alphabetical order, just whatever order you
want the commands to parse.


   James C. Thomas Jr.
   Head Implementor, FinalityMUD 4000

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