[CODE] Buffer v1.9

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 08/28/98

Well, I've finally tidied it up a bit for the release.  New things and
other changes are:

1) Fixed the rare bug where the defaults could free a buffer prematurely.
2) BUFFER_SNPRINTF checking is back with sprintf/strcpy/strcat replacements.
3) Couple important (my) sanity checks.
4) sz() macro because BUFFER_SNPRINTF testing was a pain otherwise.

Versus stock patchlevel 14:

        - 103,041 bytes
        -  25,320 bytes
        -  22,260 bytes

Upgrades for buffer.[ch] only: (Grab above patch for buffer_i.h, etc)

        -  38,024 bytes

It's not listed on amy of my web pages yet, I'll write up a
http://mouse.van.ml.org/ story tomorrow when I wake up.

Comments, suggestions, bugs, etc, let me know.

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