Re: dumb question

From: Jimmy Brians (f_t_p_7_7_7@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/29/98

Oh come on this is pathetic. The most beginner coder on their first day
of ever coding a circlemud would know this. Now either you're tryin to
waste our time or you're lying about:
<< *********************************************************************
* Matt Roach -- Creator of OnyxMUD, Coder and Builder forWinterMUTE
* 6666 (WinterMUTE) 7766(OnyxMUD)
* >>

Any coder who creates their own mud would have to at least know how to
differentiate between a pc and a npc at least once in their coding life.
Stop bullshitting us or whatever you think you're doing. And btw, yes
that was correct
if (!IS_NPC(vicitm)) {

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