Re: [IDEA] Banality/Mundanity spectrum for items and zones

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 08/29/98

Instead of one simple determiner for objects (Magic Factor) it might be a
good idea to have two.  Have both MF and TF (Tech Factor)  For example, a
club would have a 0 in both, as it is not technological or magical.  A
magical, glowing club might have a 5 in MF, and a 0 in TF.  A robotic,
spike firing club might have a TF of 5 and a MF of 0.  And finally, a
robotic spike firing club, that magically glows, might have a 5 in both.
In fact, you might even have certain 'powers' on items tied to a certain
MF or TF, that way zones with certain limitations might stop certain
powers.  For example, if a zone only alloowed a maximum of MF 3 powers to
work, the club might not glow, but walk into an aread where MF 9 is the
max, and it glows.  Same with the TF.  This way, you can have some areas
where both magic and technology work.

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