[IDEA] Banality/Mundanity spectrum for items and zones

From: Bob P. Dobbs (slack@ACCESSCOM.COM)
Date: 08/19/98

Hello all, bob here.  This is my first post to Circlemud Coding Forum so
bear with me.

The mud I code for has a multiversal theme, and has zones that range from
hard science fiction technology to swords and sorcery fantasy, with some
pretty odd stuff in between.

My idea is this:  Would it be possible to code a mundanity spectrum that
would affect items that originate in the different zones?  I.E.  A wand of
magic zapping would originate in a heavy-fantasy zone with a mundanity
factor (M.F.) of 1, and a heavy auto-gauss cannon would originate in a
cyberpunk zone with a M.F. of 5.

The way I imagine it is that the items from either end of the spectrum
would function poorly in zones that are on the other end of the
spectrum... i.e. the wand of zapping would fizzle and do pathetic amounts
of damage in the techno world, and the gauss cannon would misfire and blow
up in the fantasy world.

I haven't done a whole lot of Circle coding and don't know a lot about the
variable/data structures involved but I do have 3+ years of C under my
belt so I can understand a good explanation.


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