Re: [OFFTOPIC] Re: [buffer] enhanced buffer problems!

From: Cervo (chrisf@PTD.NET)
Date: 08/31/98

> >
> > Heh, I "upgraded" my Slackware to RedHat two days ago and I have to use
> > minicom to dial my PPP connection, then quit it, and run pppd on the still
> > connected line.  How fun. (Because RedHat, 5.0 at least,has an older
> > version of the PPP daemon than I used to.)
You don't HAVE to, you could always use chat to do it.  If minicom works
you modem is working under linux, so with the properly configured chat
script and line in pppd it will dial up and connect just fine.  Unless
you use PAP, because my isp doesn't have it so I never bothered to figure
out how.

/usr/sbin/pppd connect '/usr/sbin/chat -f /root/.pppscript' defaultroute
115200 /dev/ttyS0 modem crtscts noipdefault&

That is the line I use to start pppd

This is my chat script down below.

Username: whatever
Password: My password
> ppp

On the top line with the ATDT is where I would enter the phone number of
my isp.  My isp gives me a line Username: and I have to enter my username,
and then a line Password: and I have to enter my password, and then a line
with some.funky.addy > and I have to type ppp to enter pppd mode.  This
works fine, and is totally automatic, if you use PAP, it will be a little
more difficult.  This has worked since slackware 3.1 which had an old
pppd.   You may wish to change the file names tho.  If you would like, I
have a sh script that can set this up automatically, just email me
privately and I'll send it.

> > Fortunately I have a 3c905b NIC and most of that should be automated.
> (But I hear I'd have to readjust to 10 MB/s, cold boot linux, and/or
> disable PnP BIOS every time just to be able to use it.  Joy!)
If you had to do this, it would be because the modem didn't work under
linux.  It would either not detect the device, or try to use it, but you
wouldn't get a response.  I have an mwave modem, and sound card, and the
modem will NOT work under linux.  The sound card initialization fails if I
don't boot dos first, load all the pnp drivers to initialize the card,
then loadlin into linux.  Your modem works, therefore it is just a matter
of setting up chat.  If you had to boot the bios, like my soundcard it
just wouldn't work at all, you'd get no dial tone, you might even get a
message about not seeing the modem.  Linux 2.1 has some PnP drivers, which
make it so some cards can be initialized by the linux kernel, and not have
to be booted into dos, but not mine :(

It's nice to know there are all of these linux users, keep up the good

ObCircle:  With all of these Midieval muds, ever consider using a timer to
cast spells.  I mean spells don't just get casted instantaneously.  Maybe
a timer, where at every tic counting down, it sends the message "$n is
uttering some magical words and drawing energy from the universe." in an
act line TO_ROOM or something.  Then after the specified number of ticks
of the timer, three seconds or so, the spell is then casted.

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