spell events (was: Re: [OFFTOPIC] Re: [buffer] enhanced buffer

From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM)
Date: 08/31/98

> ObCircle:  With all of these Midieval muds, ever
> consider using a timer to cast spells.  I mean spells
> don't just get casted instantaneously.  Maybe a
> timer, where at every tic counting down, it sends the
> message "$n is uttering some magical words and
> drawing energy from the universe." in an act line
> TO_ROOM or something.  Then after the specified
> number of ticks of the timer, three seconds or so,
> the spell is then casted.

Try an event queue.
This has actually been discussed before on this list,
so you might want to search the archive.

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