Re: [code] password retrieval

From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/31/98

On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Jimmy Brians wrote:

> You people are sick. There is no need to see someone's password except
> to try to use it to get into their other accounts on some other mud or
> some online service of theirs. C'mon stop trying to steal people's
> passwords. This is truly pathetic, and i joined this mailing list
> because i thought i'd see people talking about circlemud, not how to
> become so-called "hackers" and steal people's passwords. Grow up and
> take it elsewere, please.

Although I agree that hackers are stupid, I can see that you didn't read
enough of the thread to understand it.  I for one wouldn't play a MUD
where I know people can see my password, plain and simple.
Most of the thread discussed how it was impossible and how the
cryptography function works.  I found it interesting, and it was somewhat
relevant.  And nowhere did it say "be an ereet superhax0r" by coding your
own MUD and then stealing your players passwords.


A few weeks ago or somebody was talking about a marriage system w/
children.  I thought on it, and after the original laugh and bit of
disgust, found it would encourage roleplay.  Even if the husband and wife
are the same person.

My thoughts are this:
You have the regular races (on my development MUD):
  human       - go get a mirror
  liontaur    - like a centaur, but a lions body
  aerial      - winged people
  hellspawn   - creatures from hell, four armed and all evil

Classes and skills are on a guild system that I've discussed before, so
your 'class' wouldn't be relevant (class isn't inherited, generally).
Anyway, after the regular human gestation period (shortened to a week or
two), you get a baby of a kind of 'average' of the husband and wives'
The benefits of this are having young that are better than their parents.
And, if you do inherited characteristics of races, you can end up even
cooler.  A hellspawn/liontaur mating would result in a helliontaurspawn
(ok, that was a joke) which would be like an evil liontaur with four arms.
And there's even more benefits.  A new baby character could be 'given' to
another person, such as a friend who hasn't played much, or just be played
by a parent.  It could recruit people.
Of course, there's always the insemination part, which would probably be
best avoided with any type of 'sex' command.  Just do it when they get
married, and/or randomly through the marriage.  They'll just think they
had sex when they weren't paying attention.  ;P



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