Re: [OFFTOPIC] Idea for levels

From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/31/98

On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Del Minturn wrote:

> Matt Roach wrote:
> > ideas that they might want to share.  Also I was wonder what do you think
> > of perhaps a 200 level system and you gain a new another attack every say
> > 20-40 levels, this is just an idea, wanted to see what people thought.

I'd like to see my human (or dwarven) cleric have 8 attacks at level 179.
It doesn't make sense.  Neither does a 'multi-attack' skill.  It seems to
me that if you've got a dexterity stat, use it.  An 18 dex player at level
20 should still get in more attacks than an 11 dex player at level 120.
It depends on how you train.

Just because you've leveled doesn't mean you should have it.  See the
'combat initiative' idea snippet from dak (?).

> > Thanks for your time.

Yer welcome, laddie.

> As for the attacks for every so many levels.. I think its a good idea. I
> have part of it implemented. Just needs to be refined and a few bugs

Boo!  No no no no no!

> worked out. I set it so you can give mobs a certain # of attacks. But
> when I put the code in to check for mobs # of attacks, it gives players
> the same amount of attacks. I will get it eventually. :) As for players,

I've done this before.  Add an IS_NPC check where it does damage() and
have it loop for the amount of attacks, with a bit of randomness, of

> with stock levels.. I have been on muds where some classes get a second
> attack at level 20 and with SPECIAL items they get more attacks. (Those
> items were well controlled!)

I've been on MUDs where if you mudmarry the head implementor, you become a
God.  Not exactly the same thing, but just because somebody's done it
should you do it.  A dexterity system and dex bonuses would work better.

>  I think a skill that is learned after the player reaches like age 30
> they should get another attack or special abilities. Age does not play
> too much of a roll, and if anyone has more idea's of what to do with
> age, I would like to hear them too..

Age is kinda questionable.  I'm not looking at the code right now, but I
think it would be effective when you think about a persons prime.  People
are generally in their physical prime in their late teens to late
twenties, and then they get a little pudgy and slow down.  Not everybody,
but most.  Then once they've been pudgified, they start to think on things
(not everybody, but SOME) and might be more in their intellectual prime.
Once you hit 60 or 70, you don't have much of either, usually.  You could
change str, dex, con, int, wis, cha to be _similar_ to hit move mana, in
that they have a typical amount (their max for hit), but then it's
modified.  You could have exhaustion drop your str down, along with your
dex, and things like that.  Then age could modify some of your stats while
maintaining a base.

> Maybe increase Int or Wis with age? +1 at 30, +1 at 40, or any other
> ability?

Maybe, but we never did factor in the DOM factor.  (Dirty Old Man  :P)


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