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From: The Fractal Dimension Administration (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 08/31/98

> On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Del Minturn wrote:
> I'd like to see my human (or dwarven) cleric have 8 attacks at level 179.
> It doesn't make sense.  Neither does a 'multi-attack' skill.  It seems to
> me that if you've got a dexterity stat, use it.  An 18 dex player at level
> 20 should still get in more attacks than an 11 dex player at level 120.
> It depends on how you train.
> Just because you've leveled doesn't mean you should have it.  See the
> 'combat initiative' idea snippet from dak (?).

Yes, my entire combat system runs on two different initiative tracks.
Wielded weapons run on one, held weapons on another.  Held is only
called if you can hit with the second arm, and can also be a normal
"hit".  It's cool...  and with the stats all figured in it's really
awesome.  I have stuff like protection slowing the opponent down and
being some classes like warriors and paladins speeding yourself up.
The result?  It almost looks random.

> > > Thanks for your time.
> Yer welcome, laddie.

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