Re: Avatar and decapitate code with graveyard

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/01/98

Thomas Pedersen wrote:
> I'd hate to agree with you, but all these "patches and snippets" IMHO
> contribute to  instability, and similarity.   If this is ones preference,
> fine, but personally I'll take stability and uniqueness over anything.
> "You let out some steam, much to the others' relief (and your own!)"

bah humbug!

For example, code snippets such as extra directions is NOT instability.
It may be similarity in code, but the zones and mobs is what makes the
Other things like OLC, dg_scripts, and other online editing snips are
similar on the admin side of the house, but has nothing to do with the
player's side of the house. Soooo if you want originality there, go
right ahead and reinvent the wheel! NOT ME..

Originality in my oppinion is adding classes, skills, spells, worlds
(mobs, objs, zones) That is where you get originality. Maybe some
special scripting or coding for a zone/mob/obj or what ever.
Most snippets are there for two reasons:
1. To give you either the code your looking for.
2. To give you an idea of what to do for what you really want.

Most people get thier idea's from others. "I saw it on so-n-so's mud. So
I want that feature for my mud." There is nothing wrong with that or do
you all think that is code stealing? I have so many things I want added
to my mud, and some of it I can not code (at this time due to the lack
of coding knowledge).
This is where snippets come in! I have modified a lot of them to fit for
what I want.. Not just Plug-n-Play.

Instability? NO.. Similarity? (in which way?) Again I disagree.. MOST
SNIPPETS are some sort of admin code for immortal + for informational
purposes or building zones.

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