Spellsystem for Weapons

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 09/02/98

Yo all

Hum, I was pondering (Now I've been on a holiday and all.. *chuckle*) about creating a system for FighterClasses (Warrior/Thief and their likes) that would allow these to cast spells. Since I've now played through Final Fantasy 7 more than once (Hey, I have to find everything don't I?) I've become very fond of the system in there, with weapons carrying spells, being able to Combine the things and so on. Here's the idea as it is in it's current state (for those of you that do not know about FFVII):

Weapons will hold "slots" for gems to be put in, this can be either 1, 2 or 3 slots, unlike FFVII though these will be combined all the time, so that if you have a weapon with 3 slots, you can combine 3 gems to gain higher power.

The Gems will be Based upon the 4 elements (earth, water, fire, air) and Spirit, so that the symbol for this will be a pentagram with Spirit at the top and then the elements at their respective places. when a gem is created it will have no alignment and no EXP. When a person the obtains the Gem, Either by Quest or by finding it, and slots it, it will immediatly obtain the Alignment of the person, and then hereafter change alignment with the person holding the gem, thus giving it to someone of another align will not help the other person.

Gems can then be slotted into the weapon, if a PC obtains a 3-slot weapon (extremely rare) he/she will then be able to slot 3 gems of different art, but not 2 gems of opposite attracts, so eg. if you try to Slot in a Fire Gem, and then a Water gem, the stronger gem (based upon EXP of the gem) will then be wiped, Spirit Gems can slot together with everything.

Once Equippped with gems you gain 25% less EXP, this will be taken and converted into EXP for the Gems (e.g. a Groupkill = 1%, a Standalonekill = 2% and so on, GEM raises level at 100%) This will of course mean that it is needed to make an EXP-Table for the gems, which should be hard enough so that a Hi-Level PC will have to use some levels to gain levels in the Gems. Since the point of this is that Highlevels have something to do.

Gems will contain a spell of that element, e.g. a Fire-Gem could contain a Fireball, the more EXP the gem contains, the more power the spell will have. That is one of the effects the gem will have on the PC using the gem, secondly it will give different stats like this :

Element Effect
Fire            Raises Dam-Roll by 1 pr. level of gem (Max 6)
Air             Raises Hit-Roll by 1 pr. Level of gem (Max 6)
Earth           Raises Direct Damage by (Level of gem) * D4 (Max: 6d4)
Water           Raises MAXHP with 2.5% pr. level of gem (MAX: 15)
Spirit          Doubles the Effect of that above.

This means that if you have a Level 6 FireGem, a level 3 EarthGem and a Spiritgem, you will have +12 Damroll and  Increased damage by 6D4. And as a bonus, you will gain whatever spell is bound in the Gems, e.g. FireGem contains Hellfire, Earthgem contains Earthquake and Spiritgem contains MinorHeal, now even Fighterclasses have a use for their Mana.

Spellcasters will not be cheated either, spellsystem changed so that once you learn your spell you know it at 0%, then as you "absorb" gems of the correct element (Fireball needs Firegem and so on) PC will gain power in that particular element.

I would very much like to hear someone elses opinion about this, since (Of course) I think this system could prove very valuable. But pro's and con's for this system would be appreciated.


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