Re: Spellsystem for Weapons

From: Nitelite (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 09/02/98

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, The Merciless Lord of Everything wrote:

> Yo all
> Hum, I was pondering (Now I've been on a holiday and all.. *chuckle*) about
> creating a system for FighterClasses (Warrior/Thief and their likes) that
> would allow these to cast spells. Since I've now played through Final
> Fantasy 7 more than once (Hey, I have to find everything don't I?) I've
> become very fond of the system in there, with weapons carrying spells,
> being able to Combine the things and so on. Here's the idea as it is in
> it's current state (for those of you that do not know about FFVII):

  I played FFVII through a few times myself, and I also liked this system,
and if not for the work I have put in developing and balancing the
pre-existing classes, I may be tempted to implement this.
  As A side note, I was very disappointed when I read that FFVIII would
not be incorporating the same magic system, instead going to yet another
new system (does it seem like they do that in every new sequel?).

[Description of FFVii magic system snipped]
> The Gems will be Based upon the 4 elements (earth, water, fire, air) and
> Spirit

  Why stop with the 4 elements? Why not categorize all your spells into
gems. Like Time (haste, slow) Regen (heal, healx2, healx3, cure
poison), maybe even make Esper Gems (for summoning a creature) etc etc.
And then you could make some fighter/thief weapons that maybe have 1-3
gems, and clerics/mages weapons would have upwards to eight or so.
  The alignment idea is also pretty good, but the char will probably
change alignments many times himself, thereby making the gem lose its exp
that was gained.

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