Re: Patch/Snippet Resolution (Re: Avatar etc...)

From: d. hall (dhall@OOI.NET)
Date: 09/02/98

>>>>>> thus on Wed, 2 Sep 1998 13:40:49 -0400, George wrote:

> Patching the 'credits' file itself would suffice in most circumstance, the
> only problem being it breaks when you add two or more of them.  Even a code
> solution would break (I mean the patch) if you added two.

One of the things I was thinking about is there is a .patch directory, and
this directory is 'scanned' at compile time, and it wouldn't be that hard
to write a sed script to do this (as far as unix) to preprocess these
files.  Also context diff patches will allow for the last most patch to be
prepended to a source file if all patches were listed in an array of
strings (char **).

It's a brain fart for the most part.  Proof of concept can be done about it
anybody is inclined.

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