Re: Player house problems

From: Snake (mmapplebeck@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/03/98

I have tried all that, I logged on with a newbie and tried and it still
doesn't work. It might be a problem with the code, I'll check when I get
time to go through it.
Marc Mapplebeck
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From: Mark A. Heilpern <>
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Date: Tuesday, September 01, 1998 10:41
Subject: Re:  Player house problems

>At 09:48 AM 9/1/98 -0300, you wrote:
>>I am having problems with my player houses. I can make the houses and save
>>them but when I try to take a player that isn't a guest in my house in,
>>come even if I log in the player and try it without myself logged in.
>>the purpose of a house to keep other people out?
>I'm not sure if this is what you're running up against, but there
>is a problem with the way the house code is written: a house is
>only protected against those not in the guest list if they try to
>enter the house from the ATRIUM room it is attached to. This
>means if you have multiple entrances to a house, the one specified
>as the atrium in the hcontrol command will be protected but others
>won't be. IMHO, the atrium flag is unneccesary; instead the protection
>should only be based on the HOUSE flag of the actual room. (Of course,
>for multi-room houses, you'd now have to add guests to every room; this
>could be either good or bad.)
>Another thing to point out is that IMPS can enter any house regardless
>of guest status. Is that other player you logged in an imp?  One other
>thing -- make sure the room you _think_ is a house really is.... type
>"show houses" to make sure it shows up. If not, the flag that tells you
>it's a house is lying.
>Perhaps "show errors", which shows errant rooms, could be made to also
>show rooms with the HOUSE flag which are not true houses.
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