Re: Patch/Snippet Resolution

From: d. hall (dhall@OOI.NET)
Date: 09/03/98

One of the reasons why I brought this up is that I've seen API's developed
that work in a consistant manner.

Hackmaster on my PalmPilot has a nice, consistant interface for providing
what changes have been made to my default PalmOS system.

Linux's Unoff kernal patches has a nice system of recording what changes
have been made from the default stock kernel.

Major or minor enhancements that may not be apparent, but can be added in,
so for those of us who don't run muds, don't really want to, but still like
to code snippets here and there can add a little spice to other muds, and
attempt to alleviate the argument that patch/snip'ed muds don't credit
where credit is due, there will be an outlet.

A system, I was thinking about was having a directory read at run time.  In
the directory will be a list of files, one files per patch.  The file will
have a set format.

Patch Name:Patch Author
Patch Description

These are loaded into the server, and anyone (players) who run a version
command will have CircleMud 3.0 bpl14, with OLC patch, EHB patch, XYZ
patch, etc...

versions -v would show extended patch info.

Kinda like saying I'm running a modified kernel for certain tasks, you can
say you're running modified circlemud.

I'm not advocating running muds w/o code knowledge.  There are just some
people with the motivation and enthusiasm to run muds, they may not have
the knowledge of C, or experience, but they're proactive and they've got
the time.  If they're imaginative to write (area wise) a mud, then let
them, I commend them for the effort.


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