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From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 09/03/98

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Daniel Koepke wrote:

>> For example, code snippets such as extra directions is NOT instability.
>> It may be similarity in code, but the zones and mobs is what makes the
>> world!
>When did, "for example," become an acceptable way to prove a point?!

I'm usually reminded of 'straw man' in the 'for example' arguments.

>> Other things like OLC, dg_scripts, and other online editing snips are
>> similar on the admin side of the house, but has nothing to do with the
>> player's side of the house. Soooo if you want originality there, go
>> right ahead and reinvent the wheel! NOT ME..
>Of course, you *CAN* conveniently forget stability when it hurts your
>argument.  But word is that Oasis has improved leaps-and-bounds in that
>arena since I last looked at it (a long time ago).

Hasn't crashed in months that I can attribute to Oasis itself.  Of course,
that was the main reason I did decide to work on it.

Soon as the I-just-started-classes-again rush is over, I'll work up an
OasisOLC v1.7 with DG Scripts in it.  Of course, I was promised a new
revision of the DG Scripts codethat I haven't received yet, so it's not all
my fault. ;)

>> I have so many things I want added to my mud, and some of it I can not
>> code (at this time due to the lack of coding knowledge).
>Then you wait until you can code them or can, at the very least,
>understand what in the Hell the snippets are doing.  This is the worst
>reason for someone to use a snippet!  It's like saying, "Well, I can't
>speak Spanish, but I do have this one phrase written down.  Now I'll go
>to Mexico."

Quite fitting in a 'language' argument.  Taking along a dictionary (C
function refernce book) makes things a lot slower and you're bound to look
stupid flipping back and forth for every word too.

>> Instability? NO..
>Note to self: capitalizing for emphasis eliminates the need to provide
>proof -- case is proof in and of itself.

A snippet/patch may be stable on my MUD, but completely broken on another
MUD due to changes they have done themselves, or forgot to do.  Hence,
you'll see assorted 'can't happen' catches in my buffer v1.9 patch.
Including one where you call get_buffer(), for memory, without calling
init_buffers(), to actually set everything up, first.

>> MOST SNIPPETS are some sort of admin code for immortal + for
>> informational purposes or building zones.
>Really?  Most?  Proof?  Or did you even bother to look?  I don't think so.
>It certainly doesn't look that way to me.

Subtract two from the first column for the actual listing. (One is the
'ls' header and the other is a symbolic link to index.cgi.)

bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Commands | wc
     35     310    2259
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Mobiles | wc
      7      58     425
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l OLC | wc
      3      22     157
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Objects | wc
      9      76     565
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Players | wc
     14     121     890
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Rooms | wc
      8      67     494
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Skills | wc
     34     301    2244
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Specials | wc
     32     283    2095
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Utils | wc
     56     499    3718
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Wizard | wc
     29     256    1887
bacon:~/www/snippet$ ls -l Zones | wc
      7      58     430

Looks like a lot more skills, commands, and special procedures than Wizard
stuff.  Utils is a mixed bag of assorted stuff, I think, so I'll leave it

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