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From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 09/03/98

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, The Fractal Dimension Administration wrote:

>> There's damn near nothing
>> you can achieve by reinventing the wheel: it is, for all intents and
>> purposes, a circle.  OTOH, with code, especially something as complex as a
>> scripting language or OLC, there are at least an order of magnitude more
>> design decisions to be made.
>Rewrite it (the analogy) a bit and it's still a good analogy where OLC is
>concerned.  (Re-designing MMX, for example.) I'm not going to write my own
>OLC system when I know I'd have to spend at least a year to make it
>halfway as good as Oasis.  (PLUG)

It's still possible to come up with something better.  I remember someone a
while ago took a 'snapshot' of the zone and wrote that in the files.  Then
you load, kill, and write.

>[ (GC) Arioch has forced george to "say thank you" ]

Harvey Gilpin and "Levork"[*] wrote it, not I. I just made it not crash. :)

[*] - I think I know his real name, but not sure.

>> > MOST SNIPPETS are some sort of admin code for immortal + for
>> > informational purposes or building zones.
>> Really?  Most?  Proof?  Or did you even bother to look?  I don't think so.
>> It certainly doesn't look that way to me.
>> -dak
>Counter-prove his statement, dak, since you've been so kind to
>provide your own claim.

I did it for him in another mail since I have easier access to count
snippets.  You'll find most are commands, skills, or specials.

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