Re: Patch/Snippet Resolution

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 09/03/98

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Del wrote:

>If src was for source files, I guess thats the reason we have the TODO and
>the Changelog in there.. (and what ever else files in there) What about all
>those .README's that people include in the patches that get created..

Minor nit, ChangeLog isn't in there.  All of the CircleMUD READMEs were
moved into doc/ also.

It's easier for me to make extra patches with the README file in the src/
directory because then I only have to keep a copy of the src/ directories
to work on instead of the full CircleMUD tree. (Discounting creative uses
of symbolic links of course.)

>There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with placing the credits file in this
>directory as you can easily note WHO wrote which parts of the "source code".
>Kind of like the top 5-10 lines of every src file.

I think they wanted it to show up in the MUD. Therefore, putting it in the
source code wouldn't help a whole lot.

>We can probably argue on the concept of which files belong in the src
>directory and which belong in the lib directory for days.. My point is, to
>eliminate confusion, not having to move up a higher directory to include ONE
>file, and people's forgetfulness..

You don't have to make the patch in the src/ directory.  You can make it
like so:

diff -uprN circle30bpl12 circle30bpl14


diff -uprN stock_circle_code modified_circle_code

I just usually do:

diff -uprN ../stock_circle_code .

because then you apply it in the src/ directory which makes more sense to
me. (Of course, it's supposedly "wrong" to make patches with differing
levels of '/', but it works 99% of the time.)

>Move the credits file to SRC directory. If the patch fails on the Credits

Players can't see it and you make the -d switch less useful.

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