Re: Saving through reboot

From: Mark A. Heilpern (heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM)
Date: 09/04/98

<long description of what sorts of things to save through
reboot deleted>

If you're a) using a unix varient that supports shared
memory regions, b) can get a malloc replacement which
will allocate from a shared memory region, and c) willing
to recode your mud to make all globals which you'd need
saved dynamically allocated (I did this by puting them in
a single structure), then it's simple to save everything across

Using that method does not demand anything be saved to disk,
but it's certainly possible to save the region off to disk as a backup
incase the machine is being rebooted too.

In my mud players generally don't know about reboots or crashes;
this is because I've got memory saved and, in a crash, I force an
immediate reboot. The reboot takes literally only a few seconds
(because I don't need to re-read files since the info is saved in
shared memory) and as a safety net, if the mud notices that it's
rebooted too many times in too short a period, then it finally does a
hard reboot (purging shared memory).

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