Saving through reboot

From: I Chose No Name (MUDaholic@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/04/98

Okay, I know how houses save all the objects in them through
reboots/crashes...I added clans to my mud and I wanted the donation room to
save all the objects through crashes/reboots...I'm not exactly sure where to
start though...i'd have to save it to a file, and probably save the room every
time someone picked up an item, dropped an items, anything like that...but i'm
really stumped on where to start. any help would be greatly appreciated (i
checked out the house stuff, but i'm pretty tired right now and i couldn't
make much sense of it)...thank ya in advance
ohh yeah, one more difficult would it be to save corpses through
crashes? i'm thinking maybe if i can get the clan thing to work than i could
save individual corpses throughout the game, right after someone dies and then
if the corpse gets looted (to prevent duping - die, loot, crash, all eq back
in corpse) ... ideas? thanks

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