Re: Saving through reboot

From: David Sun (wedget@MCI2000.COM)
Date: 09/04/98

I Chose No Name wrote:
> Okay, I know how houses save all the objects in them through
> reboots/crashes...I added clans to my mud and I wanted the donation room to
> save all the objects through crashes/reboots...I'm not exactly sure where to
> start though...i'd have to save it to a file, and probably save the room every
> time someone picked up an item, dropped an items, anything like that...but i'm
> really stumped on where to start. any help would be greatly appreciated (i
> checked out the house stuff, but i'm pretty tired right now and i couldn't
> make much sense of it)...thank ya in advance
> ohh yeah, one more difficult would it be to save corpses through
> crashes? i'm thinking maybe if i can get the clan thing to work than i could
> save individual corpses throughout the game, right after someone dies and then
> if the corpse gets looted (to prevent duping - die, loot, crash, all eq back
> in corpse) ... ideas? thanks

not sure, but try just setting the HCRSH flag on the room.

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=78,puts(c+z),d--;z=80-z)/*/   high school junior   /*/for(;--x;c[x
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