Re: Fighting Stances, and Skill Checks

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 09/05/98

>      I mean, is everyone able to get into these stances with a simple
>      command. - do they have to be taught? and if so,

once a person gets a skill (and passes a skill check, see ObQuery) for
particular stances, they can enter the stance by typing, say 'stance
bull'..then they get whatever affects are in the stance array..

there are other places in the code that i do skill checks for stances as
well..for example, some of the stances may or may not give multiple
attacks depending on whether or not they make (half or,
number(1, 101) < GET_SKILL/4) skill checks..

i also set it up so that you couldn't move (leave the room) while in
stances other than the normal stance..this caused interesting things to
hapen when people first started playing with them, since moving included
fleeing :) i implemented several other things that took stances into my thac0 function would give people ni the drunken stance a
bonus depending on how drunk they were :)

>      *does the teaching include movements within that stance?*

well, i was planning to have several skills that required you to be in a
certain stance to use from the command line, ala 'kick'..

>      Simply moving into a fighting stance will do nothing for your dex or
>      hitroll or whatever, if you fight exactly the same way in each, - and
>      if you are learning an animal stance, with all the associated
>      movements and forms, then you are almost learning a complete martial
>      art!

um..sure..i wouldn't imagine someone using one of these stances to be
standing still..shrug..i think it's in the visualization..

>      I'm going to put in different marital arts as combat skills, all with
>      their own modifiers, and , if you don't mind, i'm gonna modify your
>      snippet for that. But I do think stances is going too far, unless you
>      are going to include thousands of them, and commands to do the moves
>      too.

go for it..and drop me a line if you need some help

>      I may just be being pedantic, but having each of the stances, as
>      "animal fighting arts" would seem to make more sense to me.

ah..i see what you're saying..and you're absolutely correct, but i'm not
familiar enough with martial arts (nor creative enough) to come up with a
large number of stances then :)

ok..what do some of you do as far as skill checks for skills like 'pick
lock' that a player can continually make attempts at? i want to avoid
having lengthy wait states..perhaps have a vitality or movement cost
associated with non-combat skills..shrug..any thoughts? this is even more
of a problem if you've implemented increased skill through use..someone
can get a key, and continually lock;pick the door until they've increased
their skill as high as fact, although i'm not familiar with
tin-tin or tinyfugue (sp?) i think it's possible to write a script to do
this continually..walk away, go to the bathroom, and come back to 100
percent skill :)


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