Re: Fighting Stances, and Skill Checks

From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 09/05/98

On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Stephen Wolfe wrote:
> ObQuery:
> ok..what do some of you do as far as skill checks for skills like 'pick
> lock' that a player can continually make attempts at? i want to avoid
> having lengthy wait states..perhaps have a vitality or movement cost
> associated with non-combat skills..shrug..any thoughts? this is even more
> of a problem if you've implemented increased skill through use..someone
> can get a key, and continually lock;pick the door until they've increased
> their skill as high as fact, although i'm not familiar with
> tin-tin or tinyfugue (sp?) i think it's possible to write a script to do
> this continually..walk away, go to the bathroom, and come back to 100
> percent skill :)
> siv

First of all, I would prevent 100% skill from just about EVER happening.
Some kind of gradual formula:
 |                       |
-|                      ,'
 |                     /
-|                __,-'
 |          __,--'
-|    __,--'
0                      100

(y axis == improvement difficulty, x == skill %)

Excuse the graph, something just came over me.  :P

Anyway, as for preventing repetition, the best bet would probably be some
kind of event system (yet another plug for event systems).  You may or may
not have implemented one in your MUD.

"pick lock"
check for event...  returns FALSE
if they fail, queue an event.
"pick lock"
check for event...  returns TRUE -
  "Your fingers are numb and bleeding from the last time!"
skip function till event triggers and removes itself.
  "The feeling returns to your fingers."

I suppose this could be done in other ways, with less function calls and
the like, like using AFF_x.  Although, it wouldn't be TOO hackish to use
AFF_x flags, especially if you have spells like 'numb grip' which would
prevent picking locks and other finger-intensive type commands.


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