Re: [QUESTION] act()

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 09/07/98

> act()
> 1) Does anyone have, or know of a place with documention regarding the
> above?
The code.  (=

>   act("You find a weakness in $N's defenses!", FALSE, 0, 0, victim,
You need a 'ch' in here... in place of the first '0'.

>   act("$n finds a weakness in your defenses!",  FALSE, ch, 0, 0,
A 'victim' in here in place of the second '0'.

>   act("$n finds a weakness in $N's defenses!", FALSE, ch, 0, victim,
This one's fine...

Essentially it works like this:
  act(Message, can_see check, "ch", "misc", "vict", target)

TO_CHAR sends the message to the "ch", TO_VICT to "vict", TO_ROOM to
the room that ch/vict are in, and TO_NOTVICT to all in the room except

Now, "ch" uses the small lettered act variables ($n, $e, etc), "vict"
uses the big ($N, $E, etc), and "misc"... read the code.  (=


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