Re: [OLC+] Command line interface for Oasis.

From: Ed Shipe (litbisc@CROSSLINK.NET)
Date: 09/07/98

I say, if possible without overly confusing similar command names, have
both.  Its more of a personal preference than anything else.  I currently
have a coder on my mud that used obuild for quite a while but he's loving
oasis since he figured out rlink..=:).  Wasn't there some sort
of vague plan to have both systems together using the OpenOLC (or whatever
george was calling it) calls?


What's people's thoughts of restricting / eliminating recall?  Ive been
designing my mud with more of a RP slant than most (circle & RP togther is a
whole different discussion..=:)..) and Ive considered changing the whole
traditional "I'll find may there somehow and recall back" theory.  Of
course, it requires above average, consistent world design, fairly observant
players..etc.. but I can always hope..=:)


"Yeah, I like your ideas, but I don't think anyone will want to play here"
-One of my builders

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