Re: recall

From: James Thomas (rasdan@TELEPORT.COM)
Date: 09/07/98

> pfile. When a player is granted a new link, they may place it anywhere in the
> world. Links can be moved at will. Then they can 'shift' to that link. Links
> can be moved at will. If a player has 3 links (level 45), then they could
> "shift 1", or "shift 3". The catch to the player is that they have to go to
> the room before placing a link, requiring them to explore at least a little.
> There are HUGE problems with this idea that I am slowly but surely uncovering.
> The main one is that players would probably restrict themselves to the places
> they have links to. Perhaps I can implement a system so you get less
> experience everytime you kill a mob?

Well, you also have a problem of people placing their links in the middle
of complex zones so they can kill the main mob right away. If you want
this, then there's no problem :)

To prevent this though, you could simply add a room flag (!LINK) so that
they can't set their link in that room, or even better, create a zone
flag, that if set, prevents people from shifting there.

Or just make shifting cause damage or something to make this not very
desireable :)

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