Re: [Telnet] Altering input modes

From: Brian Langenfeld (00206205@BIGRED.UNL.EDU)
Date: 09/08/98

> what you should do is to make a new variable
> in descriptor_data, zero being entire line processing, and one
> being single character processing. put an if else thing in
> process_input, making it write_to_q every individual character,
> regardless if a newline is found or not. then make the OLC
> connection states in nanny work with single characters.

   Thanks for your response; I did try this, and although it didn't work
for me, while trying to figure out why I found out something sort of
interesting: process_input( ) isn't being called each time a key is
pushed.  It's only being called when I press that big one above my right
shift key.  Damn.
   Any other suggestions?


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