Re: coder needed

From: Brandon Brown (ViperBrd@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/09/98

<< For your information i know how to code very well...and i dont need guys
 like you telling me how to run my mud.  All i am looking for is someone
 to help me out... >>

Ohohoh... back to the politeness again ;)
Though, I think I'll save my time and not flame you with proof of why you
really ought to be nice to the "good" and "more experienced" coders on this
list :p.  Listen, the only coders who _really_ fit those credientials would be
Jeremy and George.  Anybody else wouldn't be on this list if they were *that*
good at coding, unless they had a kind heart and just wanted to help answer
some questions.
Basically, if you want a good MUD, perfect to your expectations and likewise,
code it yourself.  That's the only way you're truly going to get exactly the
way you want it.

Hmm, and I quote from Dan Gookin, a writer of a few C coding books... "Only a
dweeb would say, 'I know everything [or, I can code very well, As Cypath put
it] about programming in C'.  There are new things to be learned every day..."

Just my thoughts,

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