Re: [Off-Topic] Red Hat Linux 5.1

From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM)
Date: 09/09/98

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998 18:50:04    George wrote:
>On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, The Fractal Dimension Administration wrote:
> Could probably do it with Perl, fromdos, dos2unix, or
> tr.
> Perl: Don't remember offhand, s///g something.
> fromdos < file > newfile
> dos2unix < file > newfile
> tr -d '\r' < file

Actually, if you are going to do any non-perl thing,
do it in a shell script so you can process all the
files at once, like:
foreach ( $x ) `ls` do
  dos2unix < $x /tmp/$x
  mv /tmp/$x $x

Which is syntactically totally wrong, but the syntax
will vary by shell anyway - read the man page! :)

Or fill in the tr command instead of dos2unix or

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