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From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/09/98

One thing I am working on is the removal of the login menu. I was
wondering if anyone has done such a thing yet?

So far I have created two commands to move the options into the game,
passwd to change your password and descript to change your description.
One other option on the menu is the background, which is a few lines and
can be easily changed to a command also..
I have also made it so when you quit or rent, you are put straight out
of the mud instead of the menu. Most people use zmud or similar programs
anyways, so reconnections are easy if there is any problems with that.
When someone die's I have also made it so low levels (5 and below) do
not die. They are sent back to the mortal start room (temple) and given
a warning. Thier stats are reduced to 0 so they have to wait till the
next tic to heal. This also helps newbies so they don't lose all thier
equipment. I got the idea off the list and don't remember who sent it..
but Thanks!..
I was thinking of creating a room in which others die, they will be
placed to that room instead of to the menu. This way they can stay in
the game instead of having to reenter the game via the menu. Maybe a
room like "Stairway to heaven" and then have an exit down to the mortal
start room (actually hometown when I get those done). Has anyone got any
idea's that might enhance this or know of any "watch out for"'s???

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