Remort coding

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/10/98

I took a look at the snippet on the snippets page to get an idea where I
should start making mine. I could not find any section in it to actually
allow the player to remort.
It defines three previous remorts in the player file, sets a few defines
in structs.h. Then allows for gods to set the previous remorts. In db.c
it sets the remorts. In spec_procs.c it changes the listings for skills,
and finishes off with spells listings so you can use previous spells.

There is nothing for the actual remorting of a character that I can see.
i.e. what does a player type to remort?

Does anyone have any code I can take a look at so I can get started on
mine? I don't want to copy anyone's code, I just need a jumpstart to
work this out. Or if you have an idea what I can reference to get an
idea how to accomplish this, let me know.

I would actually like to have the command send a menu for options on
remorting. Like:
(Depending on your previous class the first option will give you a
specific remort class option)
1. Knight    <- that is if you were a warrior
2. Warrior
3. Cleric
4. Thief
5. Magic User

Something like that.
The first option is only available for remorting from a base class.
Might be better off using letters like the main menu, since the first
option will change.
Once the class is selected, I am not sure as to how I want to work the
character from there yet. Would like to get idea's from you all out
there. One idea I had was to reroll the character, and for the number of
remorts you have it will give you 1 point to add to your stats how ever
you choose. (the number of remorts would be stored in pfiles).
Anyone else have an idea?

(please don't spam the list with flames, send them to me personally)

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