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From: Rony Cooremans (rony.cooremans@VILLAGE.UUNET.BE)
Date: 09/11/98

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Jochen <Jochen.D@Village.uunet.be>
Aan: Rony Cooremans <rony.cooremans@Village.uunet.be>
Datum: donderdag 10 september 1998 20:21
Onderwerp: Server

>Hi there...
>Today i received a mail from one of you, asking how we where getting along
>setting up the server. This seemed like a good occasion to let all of you
>know how we are doing.
>We where a bit too enthusiastic when we said we hoped to be ready by mid
>September. We've moved it a month, so, we hope to be up and running by mid
>We've gotten an OK from our sponsors (= the companies providing the
>This weekend all the legal and financial stuff should be finished
>signed, ...).
>Next week we'll probably start purchasing the necessary hardware (hdd,
>ethernet-card, ...)
>The server might be assembled and working the weekend after that.
>Getting Linux and all the servers online will be the toughest task ahead so
>we reserve half a month for that.
>This is about the best prediction I can give you at the moment. We will
>ofcourse let you know the minute the server is online.

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