[OLC] [Offtopic] Mobprogs in Oasis OLC 1.6

From: Christoffer Lundberg (avatar@ORION.BODEN.SE)
Date: 09/11/98

Is there a patch to install mobprogs into medit? If there is,
where then?


If I for example see this in a room (by list_one_char)

A smoking man is standing here.

How can I make it so that a player can type "kill smoking"
or "kill man" instead of the name of the other player, which
is not showing (you don't know the guy). I've tried to modify
isname, but that didn't work. I've also tried a strstr function
of the other char's title. That did work until I wrote "goto scarred".
We have no scarred thing in our MUD so the whole thingy crashed.

I wrote like this then, in get_char_vis and in get_char_room_vis:

if (is_abbrev(tmp, "human") && IS_HUMAN(i))
  return i;

Maybe I forgot to put an && i to check if Mr/Mrs "i" really exists.
Anyone got any idea on this?


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