From: Andrew Ritchie (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 09/11/98

>To the person a few weeks(I think :)) ago, who wanted OLC to accept
>single letters withot having to hit enter, I was reading one of my
>multiple C books that I just got, and found out about the functions
>'getchar()' and 'putchar()'  Hopefully those will help you out, if not,
>oh well :)

The thing is getchar() and putchar() and functions used to get/put characters
from the actual computer. You cannot use these functions, unless you want to
stuff up your MUD, because we want to send and get information through a
TCP socket, not over a terminal. That is why you can't simply use the printf()
function, too.

Sorry to bring bad news.

| Andrew Ritchie,

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