Another snapshot

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 09/12/98

To date versus stock CircleMUD bpl14:

Against the last snapshot:

NOTE: The 'blackened wand' (#2566) was changed from the 'fireball' spell to
      'earthquake' in order to test the area spell wand feature.  It won't
      remain that way, especially since it's local to my tree and not
      committed to the main branch.

New stuff (dates are when I did it, not necessarily when I committed it):


-- gg - modify.c: string_write()/smash_tilde(): Got fed up with many
        places in the code (and external packages) manually setting up
        the writing code so I created string_write() to hide that.
        smash_tilde() envelopes previous code in string_add() in a way
        to be compatible with other codebases.

-- gg - mail.c: postmaster_send_mail(): Converted the final malloc() in
        the code to use CREATE(), and converted to string_write() also.

-- gg - boards.c: Board_write_message(): Changed to string_write().

-- gg - Makefile.lcc: Update from Eric Jones <>.

-- gg - New from Dean Takemori <dean@UHHEPH.PHYS.HAWAII.EDU>
        in case you have a Macintosh with Perl.

-- gg - act.informative.c: do_toggle(): Added holylight/nohassle/roomflags
        for immortals, from Del Minturn <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>.


-- gg - act.comm.c: do_write(): Now uses string_write() interface.
        olc.c: olc_string(): Ditto.

-- gg - db.c: check_object()/check_object_spell_number()/
        check_object_spell_level(): Beginnings of object verification.
        This caught about 7 objects with bad spell numbers, names, or levels.

-- gg - modify.c: string_write(): Modified to allow generic data to be
        passed through later.  The improved editor could use this to send
        the 'old' buffer for instance.

-- gg - spell_parser.c: spello(): Report spells with invalid names.

-- gg - spell_parser.c: skill_name(): Minor cosmetic touchup.

-- gg - spell_parser.c: mag_objectmagic(): Wands with an area effect or
        mass spell don't need to be pointed at anything.

Things that are likely to happen before bpl15 is really released:
  a) The objects mentioned above are fixed.
  b) Jeremy finds time. :)

If anything broke, let us know at

George Greer, | Genius may have its limitations, but   (mostly) | stupidity is not thus handicapped.    |                  -- Elbert Hubbard

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