Re: MobProg VS. DGevents

From: The Fractal Dimension Administration (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/14/98

Scorn <scorn@RMI.NET> asks:
> i was wondering what the actual differences were between mobprogs and
> dgevents.  Becuase i have seen that in the version i downloaded from Dels
> site (circle version that is)  That mobprogs are partially there but turned
> off and DGevents are there and they both seem to use the mjunk mhunt myada
> format so thus the question.  Is one better than the other, can they work
> hand in hand, or is it silly to add mobprogs if you already have events?

It's silly to add mobprogs if you already have events.  But if you
had mobprogs to begin with you probably don't want to get rid of all
your neato programs.  So add Dg-scripts on top of that.

DG-Scripts can be attached not only to mobs but also objects and
rooms.  Scripts have a few more commands than mobprogs does and has
sophisticated loop-handling, variables, and a events-based scripting
system meaning you can add delays (pauses) between commands instead
of executing them instantaneously one after the other like MobProgs.

DG-Scripts is specifically written based on MobProgs, but uses a
whole new set of functions so that it can exist together with

MobProgs do _not_ come with mtransform, mhunt, or myada (whatever
that is :) ).

Currently I have both systems installed... sincie I have so many
MobProgs added already I decided to just leave them be and switch to
scrip coding in the future, with the new mobs.
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