Re: [Off-Topic] Number of Coders for a MUD

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 09/16/98

>They do something similar to eggdrop in the release, to make sure that
>people take the time to go through and actually configure the system.
>personally like the system very much.  It  forces people to think, and
>all you need is basic coding skills if you but the 'bugs' in properly.
>Just make the 'bugs' a bunch of lines that need to be uncommented or
>removed, and that should do it.  If maybe 10-12 of them are put in
>in a file?) most people will give up and try something else.  Putting
>errors in certain zone files will work nicely too.  Another
>is to have a 'backdoor' built into CircleMUD, and even say so in the
>setup guide.  Have it built on another command, so they must actually
>remove the backdoor code properly, or the command will be messed up.
>That way, people who don't do it will have a gaping security hole in
>their MUD just waiting to be exploited.  <grin>  Sorry, just in an
>mood.  <cackle>

My, aren't we malicious :)  Remind me never to let you near my code ;)

I'm interested in writing elevator code.  Note the "Interested".  I
haven't a clue where to start, nor how to add exits....  Anyone got any
clues as to where I might start?  Thanks,


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