Re: [Off-Topic] Number of Coders for a MUD

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 09/16/98

>>This whole topic was the main reason the SPOOC (Society for the Promotion
>>Of Original CircleMUD's) was created.  Despite the difficulty in keeping
>>it alive, there is still a lot of interest in the idea of some kind of
>>organization to promote CircleMUD's that excel in originality.  Sorry I
>>can't be the one to help this organization off the ground, but I just
>>don't have any time.
>Ive never previously heard of this effort...  Its definately something for
>the CircleMUD community to look at.  Maybe George could host it in his
>site?... Someone would have to figure out the criteria (% of original zones,
>feature requirements (this is rough..)... etc.    Could even try to get a
>category on the mud connector... all this could give the "descriminating"
>mudder a list of muds worth the effort of looking at.
>Also, it could be non-circle specific... I know at least smaug suffers from
>the same problem.. a lot of them seem to be same.
>*shrug* ... a lot people seem to like 'same' muds.. easier to find eq, now
>the stats of mobs and items..
>Also, I disagree with the "building for big muds theory"...  takes a lot of
>variety out of the mud community if only a few muds are attracting the
>builders (and we'd all be on medieva... leave it at that.. please don;t
>start the 4-year long flame war here)
>(whose mud isn't going public with ANY stock zones)
>ObCircle:  Im working on ideas for "unique" eq (only one ever exists on the
>mud)  Ive considered trying out the save-room snippet i saw somewhere or an
>equivalent piece of code so that one could load a piece of eq, save the
>room, and if the eq is ever found, it never repops in the mud.  Anybody done
>anything like this or have any other ideas on how?

Well, I'm working on 'artifact' code myself.  The idea is, there is a
database of specific items.  The database says where the item is.  It can
either be: on a character, on the mob it should be, in the room it should
be, on another mob or in another room, or destroyed.  It would
automatically update the system any time the object moves from one place
to another, and any player with it would automatically save, as would the
player giving it (to avoid the duplication bug)  If, for some strange
reason, the MUD tried to load it in a position it wasn't supposed to be
in (for example on player who didn't have it, according to the database)
read_object would return something else (I'm considering a live grenade,
to teach people that cheating isn't acceptable)  If the character is
deleted, it would put the object back where it should be loaded.  You can
even have it so that if an object is destroyed, it NEVER loads again.

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