Re: [BPL14] Retreat [code]

From: Sean Daley (sdaley@BBNPLANET.COM)
Date: 09/17/98

There are still a few problems with the code as is.

It's still checking

if (CAN_GO(ch, dir)  && !IS_SET(ROOM_FLAGS(EXIT(ch,dir) ....

At the beginning you no longer set dir = 0; so this is going
to cause a problem here.  Those dir's should be retreat_type
also OR set dir = retreat_type before this.

You're now checking to see if ch CAN_GO in some strange direction
that's not really defined.  That could be bad :)


>   if (prob <= percent){
>      if (CAN_GO(ch, dir) && !IS_SET(ROOM_FLAGS(EXIT(ch,dir)->to_room),
>    {
>    act("$n skillfully retreats from combat.", TRUE, ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);
>    send_to_char("You skillfully retreat from combat.\r\n", ch);
>    do_simple_move(ch, retreat_type, TRUE);
>   if (FIGHTING(ch))

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