Re: [IDEA] losing limbs (EXPLICIT) ;p

From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 09/17/98

I thought long and hard about this and implemented it on an old
test copy of my MUD. Adding something like this opens up lots of
new possibilities for spells, skills, etc. I also added in a whole
range of replacement limbs, some of which were better than the
original fleshy ones.

Marc Gale wrote:
> > How about perminent damage to characters, loss of limbs? sight?
> > Anyone think of that yet?
> position.  You're playing along quite merrily, when
> something attacks you and you lose a leg.  You now find it harder to
> flee.  You then lose the other leg, fleeing is impossible now.  Then
> the monster starts taking more limbs off, as you vainly struggle
> against it's attacks.  You can't quit, because you're in combat.

  Well, at about the same time, I decided that not all mobs should
kill players, just leave them for dead and maybe steal all their stuff,
only the really mean mobs fight to the death ;)
 Also what about the rescue command? Surely players in groups would
try and save their wounded companion?
   As for getting to see a healer, I added in the ability to 'carry'
other players. In most cases this was hard, due to the weight, but
players could simply dump the wounded character on a cart or similar
transport and carry them back to safety. They could also drag them too.

> Eventually, you die.  You come back in the you have your
> limbs or not?

  Players lost their limbs until they were 'dead dead', that is if
their max hit point went below 50% of it's original value. Then they
lost twice as much exp as they would do if they were just 'dead', and
all their limbs were replaced. If a player's head, torso or abdomen
were taken below 0 hit points then they were classed as 'dead dead' too.

> If you do, then you might still be *very* disturbed
> about what happened (bear in mind we cannot control the age of our
> public players, I for one do not want to have the parents of a seven
> year old hammering at my virtual door because little johnny is having
> nightmares about decapitation).


> Although combat and killing things is harsh, it is quick and very
> much like comic books.  Decapitation is another thing entirely,
> especially if the player has to sit and watch, powerless to do
> anything.

 Depends how real you want it really.

> I agree that a lot of people would find this system fun, and perhaps
> the option could be on a toggle, but for the psychological risk, I'm
> not willing to implement it.

 Who plays your MUD? The local kindergarten? I don't mean to sound
offensive but this does sound a little over the top. Have a 'gore'
toggle or something ;p

 When I added this in the ptesters suddenly started taking notice of
what armour they wore where. A ring that adds a base 50 to the AC isn't
going to be as effective as a pair of iron shod boots which adds 50 to
the AC of a player's feet. People paranoid of the assassin's blade
wore heavy armour on their back to protect against backstabs.

 Done properly this kind of thing works really well, but I know
exactly how you feel about scaring the players off.

-> Ben

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