Re: [IDEA] losing limbs (EXPLICIT) ;p

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 09/18/98

> >  When I added this in the ptesters suddenly started taking notice of
> > what armour they wore where. A ring that adds a base 50 to the AC isn't
> > going to be as effective as a pair of iron shod boots which adds 50 to
> > the AC of a player's feet. People paranoid of the assassin's blade
> > wore heavy armour on their back to protect against backstabs.
> >
> With the different armor positions, Body armor being the largest part..
> This would be different in code where a character wearing some kind of
> plate armor would have a higher resistance to backstab than one wearing
> nothing/leather.
> Does anyone have code on this idea? Would like to get an idea of how to
> add something along that lines to my mud eventually..

As I have completely changed the body location system, I have no code
for the standard.  However, something along the lines of the
following might work (with some correction, tweaking etc) within the
backstab code.

(the following is pseudo code, as I don't have the actual structures
in front of me, sorry)

obj = ch->equipment[BODY];
if (obj != NULL)
        material = GET_MATERIAL(obj);
        if (material == MATERIAL_METAL || material == MATERIAL_STEEL)
                /* continue in the same vein unless you have material flags */
                backstab_chance -= 30; /* or whatever % loss you deem suitable */

Of course, you could always replace the if(material) check with a
case statement to apply a % loss appropriate to the material worn
there.  You might also want to take the about_body location into
consideration as well.  Alternatively, you might want to add some
more details to the material table to set the % loss quickly and


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