Re: [CODE] Object Affections

From: Neal Lahndorff (stulahnd@ACS.EKU.EDU)
Date: 09/18/98

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, Roger Smith wrote:

> The problem with the object affections patch from the site is that it
> wasn't made for 128-bit conversion.  Here is the problem line:
> obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector = obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector |
> t[0];
> If somebody knows the different format of this line after 128-bit
> conversion, help is appreciated.  Thank you.
> -Roger
I've never used, or even looked at the 128 bit patch, but from what i've
gathered off the list, the 128 bits are represented by 4 longs, look in
the parse_simple_mob (i think) for the piece of code where it reads the
mobs affect flags out of the mob file, and then do something similar to
get the affect flags off of the line in the object file.


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